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The Acoustic Arborist
now on out Kindle

Published June 12, 2024

What if the trees in your backyard could play music when it rained?

When an arborist in Seattle discovers a way to make trees sing, she delights and mystifies everyone who hears their melodies. Her groundbreaking talent brings her global attention, but her heart belongs to her wife, her muse.


As the arborist’s melodies spread, they stir dangerous obsessions in some listeners. When jealousy and threats emerge from her fervent fans, she must navigate these perils to protect what she holds dear.


“The Acoustic Arborist” is a captivating contemporary fable, blending literary fiction, magical realism, and a heartfelt LGBTQ+ love story. Ideal for book clubs, this story offers the richness of a novel in about 25 pages. The ebook includes a playlist so you can listen to the music while you read, inviting a truly immersive experience.


SARAH BURT HOWELL is a short story writer based in Seattle, WA. With a love for music and nature, she enjoys exploring the intersections of art, science, and human experience in her writing.

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The Bird Watchers

Coming June 2024

“The Bird Watchers” follows Rob and Helen Dalton, a devoted couple whose lives are deeply intertwined with their shared passion for birdwatching. Set in a unique rotating high-rise that brings them face-to-face with the treetops, their world is both a sanctuary and a mystery. Rob, a retired physician, supports Helen’s cryptic scientific pursuits and their mutual birdwatching hobby, even as he grapples with her declining health and increasing secrecy. As Rob delves deeper into Helen’s unusual research, he finds himself drawn into a greater understanding of her work and their profound connection. This story invites readers to explore themes of loyalty, mental health, the quest for knowledge, and the delicate balance between reality and illusion. “The Bird Watchers” is a touching exploration of love’s endurance amidst life’s uncertainties and the unseen forces that shape our world.

The Hole

Look for in July 2024

In “The Hole,” Sarah Burt Howell presents a deeply moving narrative that delves into complex human emotions and the struggles of coping with grief. The story centers on Kevin and June, a couple living in a quiet suburban neighborhood, grappling with profound loss. Kevin’s efforts to make his wife feel better lead to unexpected and surreal challenges as they embark on a seemingly simple home improvement project.

Soul Mountain

Coming Summer 2024

In a timeless tale of exploration and self-discovery, Joy and Ethan, two high school students, journey up the legendary Soul Mountain. This trek, renowned for its challenges and profound choices, tests their resolve and deepens their connection.

New Short Stories

Coming Soon

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